UML Design

Design rectangular DNA origami

  • Start the design module. A canvas with hexagons, corresponding to the flat origami sheet will appear.
  • Design a pattern of DNA-PAINT binding sites by clicking on the hexagons.
  • Select a color by clicking on the color palette on the right side.
  • Each color corresponds to a different extension that can be defined later.
  • The default state of a hexagon (gray color) indicates that this staple will not be extended. Click on the Clear-Button to reset all hexagons.
  • Some hexagons are marked with a V after coloring. This indicates that this staple, in contrast to all the others is pointing downwards at its 3’-end
  • Click on “Extensions” to define the sequence for each extension.
  • Use Get plates to get an excel sheet with all needed sequences in a plate format.
  • Use Pipetting scheme and select the folder with your plate list to generate a pipetting scheme.
  • Use Folding scheme to get a table for pipetting folding mixes
  • A design can be saved and loaded using the Save and Load-Buttons.
  • A saved design can also be loaded into the Picasso: Simulate module.